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Project Management PRAXIS

Chapter 1 : A short history of the Critical Path Method – essentially a detailed work process flow chart for a project — the prime Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring tool & technique with which I launched my project management career, and several of my innovations thereto

Chapter 2 : An overview of Earned Value Methodology – a Prime integrated Schedule, Cost and Accomplishment Indicator, plus a set of collateral statistical indicators – with my insights and additions to facilitate monitoring and measuring Project Implementation performance

Chapter 3 : An overview of the just-in-time Line-of-Balance technique – an extrapolation of the Critical Path methodology for deriving an integrated cumulative “Critical Path” schedule — for Planning and Monitoring Repetitive-type Projects, and my subsequent adaptations thereto

Chapter 4: Outlines the Logical Framework / Design & Monitoring Framework – a summary “Business Plan” – and glossary of terms that relate a Program and Project’s Deliverables with its Organizational Sponsor’s Strategic Vision & Mission.

Chapter 5 : Describes my “Smith Grid:” a “Quick & Easy” Diagnostic tool & technique – modeled on the classic Myers-Briggs methodology – I developed for typing individual Working Personalities, in order to build more effective Project Teams.

Chapter 6 : Describes approaches to Risk Analysis & Management – primarily from the international Project Management Institute (PMI) formulation – plus several pragmatic templates I developed to facilitate analysis and support assessment & decision-making.

Chapter 7 : Describes classic metrics, tools and techniques for Targetting as well as my innovations thereto.

Chapter 8 : Describes VULNAS: a tool for managers to assess their project’s vulnerability to financial risk through a rapid review of their Internal Control organization and procedures. I developed VULNAS as an interactive template checklist and judgmental ratings system based on auditing guidelines.

Chapter 9 : Describes the Rationale, Tools & Techniques that I utilized, found useful, and to which I have also contributed for assessing Project Quality at Entry; On-going Implementation, and Post Project Evaluation

Chapter 10 : Describes various classic tools & techniques for evaluating projects, plus various templates and innovations I have furthered.